Real Name: Josh Danforth
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 183 lbs
First Appearance: S1, E1 “Welcome To The Rogue’s Gallery”

Powers/Abilities: Internet College-certified engineer, tech arsenal including sonic gauntlets, record launcher, hovering DJ booth known as “The Ampliflyer,” and countless other sonically-powered weapons

Bio: Hailing from Beacon City, Freakuency grew up at ground zero for super-activity. As a young child, he was drawn to the colorful costumes and theatrical nature of the struggles between the behemoths of good and evil that clashed endlessly above his city. As a young adult he took an interest in music, espacially after seeing Bruno Martelli use electronic keyboards to mock and belittle his teacher in the 1980 film “Fame.” Wanting to elevate himself above his boring classmates, he began studying the production and performance of electronic music, and found kinship in the frantic mania of “The Prodigy’s” Keith Flint, the complexity of Richard David James of “Aphex Twin,” and the comedic stylings of “Weird” Al Yankovic.

His professional career as a DJ was short lived before tragedy struck in the form of a super-human showdown, in which the only casualty was the young entertainer’s dignity. From that point on, he swore to use his skills and knowledge of the audio spectrum to wreak havoc on those who had wronged him: Superheroes. However, he soon found himself out of his depth with the high-profile, well-organized super-champs of Beacon City, and opted to start over in the friendlier waters of Midway.