Real Name: Colin Wilson
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 270 lbs
First Appearance: S1, E1 “Welcome To The Rogue’s Gallery”

Powers/Abilities: Highly skilled artist, with the ability to manifest his art in the real world; summoning monstrous entities and allies, traveling into landscapes, manipulating raw art supplies to his will, and Wile E. Coyote-style holes and tunnels are all within his purview

Bio: Growing up poor in Midway, Fugitive Color graduated from the school of hard-knocks summa cum laude. As a boy he escaped into the worlds of literature, spending much of his time reading at the ill-funded Midway City Library. It was here, in the pages of Alphonse Mucha’s “Le Pater” that he became enamored of the art world. He began working methodically through the library’s art section, carefully studying and copying the works before him onto crumpled sheets of printer paper he had snatched from behind the front desk when it was unattended. As he entered pubescence, he filled his school schedule with every art class he could take, hungry for the culture and creativity the rest of his lower-class life sorely lacked. His feverish obsession with his craft alienated him from his classmates, prompting mockery and, not infrequently, spitwaddery. This only drove him deeper into his obsession and isolation, though he began to keep a tally of those who had wronged him.

At the end of his high school career, one of his paintings was selected for a juried art show in Beacon City, featuring several other young artists of promise. When the night of the show came, however, his piece, along with half of the gallery, was obliterated in an act of wanton destruction caused by a fight between two super-humans. Heartbroken over the destruction of his work, he vowed to propel himself into greatness by any means necessary, and began travelling the world to hone his artistic abilities. After many years away, he returned to Midway with mysterious new powers, and a score to settle with his past tormentors.