Real Name: Periwinkle Getaway
Height: 7’10
Weight: 967 lbs
First Appearance: S1, E6 “A Glossary of Equine Terminology”

Powers/Abilities: Combined strength and speed of a circus strong-woman and an adult Clydesdale, skilled aerobic circus performer, deafening Power-whinny, clown hatred

Bio: Born into a circus freakshow, Might Mare didn’t see real people until she was an adolescent, and spent much of her time watching BBC programs, the only television station she got in her family’s circus trailer. This may explain why she speaks with an accent almost identical to the English accent Keanu Reeve’s attempts in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” and also her extreme personality disorder resulting in anger-induced rampages. After leaving the circus, she joined the Manimal Kingdom, an alliance of animal-themed villains hell-bent on proving the Law of the Jungle. Led by the fearsome King Laiger, the Manimal Kingdom was a brutal force, capable of going toe-to-toe with even the most skilled crime-fighters.

After a tragic accident during a heist, Might Mare retired as a villain, turned herself in to the police, and gave up vital information which led to the disbanding of Manimal Kingdom, and imprisonment of many members thereof. Might Mare now works for a non-profit organization which acclimates circus-workers, sideshow freaks, carny folk, and living oddities to life outside of indentured entertainment. She is seeing a psychiatrist for her Equine Rage Syndrome.