Alpha Bravo (Alfie Braveman)
Foxtrot (Jessica Hughes)
Niner (Dwayne Gordon)
Echo (Peter Gilbert)
Charlie (Charles Marlowe)
Team Affiliations: Righteousness Collective, League Of Greatness, Ultra Squad, World Equity Team (WET)
Team Motto: “Omega is Number One!”

Powers/Abilities: Alpha Bravo: Super speed, Super Strength, Leadership skills (citation needed)
Foxtrot: Highly skilled stealth operative, MIT graduated super-scientist, World-class seductress, relative fox strength
Niner: Nine arms, below-average self-confidence
Echo: Sonic hearing
Charlie: ???

Bio: Omega V is one of the top super-forces on the planet. Hailing from Beacon City, each member lends a special skill to the team known for its never-say-die attitude and righteous tenacity. They have long defended the citizens of Beacon from some of Earth’s deadliest villains, including Dr. Demon, Death Magnet, The Marauder, and Killclops. But their acts of heroism have also extended to the rest of the globe, defending our humble planet from intergalactic threats. Omega V was the team the faced down Starfucker in the Continuity Catastrophe and sent him packing back to his hellish homeworld, Fukstarr. They have also faced-off with the godlike space-being Cosmonautilus, and even traveled inter-dimensionally to Zone-X to do battle with The Shiftling.

Unquestionably revered and lauded, the super-team’s next stop is on a small local radio program in Midway City, to do some after-school-special style monologue-ing about the dangers of supervillainy and the importance of a balanced breakfast.