Real name: Adrian Ford
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 173 lbs
First appearance: S1, E2: “When It Pains, It Pours”

Powers/Abilities: Advanced hydrokinesis, including the ability to completely transform himself into water. Skilled martial artist, including extreme proficiency in staff combat with his weapon “The Painstick”.

Bio: Little is known about the origin of Adrian Ford, save for the fact that his first known appearance in Midway City was when he washed ashore onto Coburn Lake with nothing but a speedo and swim goggles. He quickly disappeared from St. Stamos hospital where he was receiving care for his condition, and wasn’t seen again until his first appearance as the villain “Paindrop”, where he was caught and incarcerated for his attempt at flooding several local thoroughfares.

Incredibly elusive, he has been able to escape custody within days of his multiple arrests, however he is always quickly apprehended again as his criminal plans often become too predictable for his own good. As of his appearance on The Rogue’s Gallery, he has been apprehended a total of nearly 200 times, although many locals feel his presence in the town ultimately does more good for the vegetation than bad for the townspeople.

Those people have never been on the receiving end of “The Painstick”.