Real name: unknown
Height: 4’2” (length 7’8”)
Weight: 115 lbs
First appearance: S1, E2: “And The Beasts Shall Teach Thee”

Powers/Abilities: Genetic enhancements (including human cognition and dinosauric instinct), heightened senses, superhuman speed, razor-sharp talons, knife-like teeth, insatiable appetite for manflesh, claims to be “guided by the hand of God in a righteous crusade of bloodshed.”

Bio: Velocirapture’s is the classic tale of an escaped genetic experiment gone wrong. A secret government lab somewhere in the greater Midway area was able to clone him from DNA found in a prehistoric tick, not a mosquito, so it’s not like Jurassic Park at all. The goal was to produce a race of dinosaur super-soldiers to fight America’s wars, but his prehistoric lizard brain was incapable of processing orders even as simple as “one sugar, no cream,” leading to an inordinate amount of budget being spent on return trips to Starbuck’s.

In a last-ditch effort to save the project, lead scientist Friedrich Von Beist, (perhaps now better know by his alias, “Dr. Beast”) injected his project with an experimental cognitive boosting chemical, both heightening the dinosaur’s mental capacity and driving him entirely insane. The animal proceeded to kill everyone on the premises with the exception of Beist, who now bears a very dramatic and frightening facial scar, often revealed during crackling lighting storms.

Upon his escape, the dinosaur stumbled onto a revival tent ministry, found religion, and took the name “Velocirapture.” He now preaches a sermon of widespread death and destruction in the name of God, and leads by example